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M Health International Limited (MHIL) are managers of healthcare projects with experience across many countries. The value of such experience is the ability to understand how the dynamics of healthcare can work in different markets.

We believe that the greatest value in benefiting from our expertise is to secure an early appointment to enable us to contribute to the early stages of defining the strategy, the content and operational policy of a new healthcare facility.

Any medical facility relies on a target or "catchment" population, which is the element of the total population that can afford, or will, out of preference, afford to use the facilities within location selected for the new hospital or healthcare facility. This is both a market analysis and a mathematical calculation, based on anticipated assumptions.

MHIL adopt a structured approach to the development of new healthcare projects. The same approach is adopted irrespective of whether the project involves a healthcare system for a geographical area or an individual hospital or other healthcare facilities. The detail is tailored to meet the specific needs of each project.

MHIL, via our sister company, M Health Limited, provide full design and build turnkey services. We contract with many leading healthcare architects, other consultants and with general building contractors to provide a full client service - the extent and detail of the relationship being subject to negotiation with the Client.


Senior Management

Simon Lovegrove

Simon has a wealth of experience of working in many countries around the world. He has given lectures and talks on health planning and related issues in the UK, and overseas. This includes the Middle East from 1977 to 1984, a European sponsored tour of the People's Republic of China in 1982, a World Health Organisation associated conference in Geneva in 1984, and Portugal between 1991 to 1996, including conferences attended by the Portuguese Minister of Health and other leading politicians and officials on the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare in Portugal.

Simon has led or been a significant contributor to all the projects listed in our Portfolio section.

John Jackson

John has worked as a senior healthcare executive in the public and private sectors of the UK and Middle East and has consultancy experience in many countries.

He spent 17 years in the UK's National Health Service in general management and specialist planning, support service and other roles in both acute and psychiatric services. His last post was as the chief officer of a postgraduate acute teaching hospital group. Previous NHS posts had been held in the St Mary's Hospitals, London, Canterbury and Thanet, Leeds, and elsewhere. He joined American Medical International (AMI) in 1981 to commission and managed the largest provincial private acute hospital in the UK and subsequently turned it into the most profitable of the company's hospitals in the UK. He took on an operational corporate role with AMI, as well as PLC board membership, which continued through into its successor, General Healthcare Group.

In 1995, he joined United Medical Enterprises Ltd as Director of Operations, taking on the additional role of Vice President (Organisational Development) in the associated companies of Saudi Medicare Company and Allied Medical in the Middle East, responsible also for the planning, design and commissioning of hospitals in several countries, being based for a year in Saudi Arabia. He was subsequently appointed Managing Director of United Medical Enterprises in 1998. In 2003, he established United Medical International in Dubai to develop and manage a growing international business resulting in United Medical entering new markets in the Middle East and elsewhere. This was succeeded in February 2005 by the establishment of a specialist healthcare consulting company in Dubai. Since then, he has worked on project feasibilities, health planning of new hospitals, hospital commissioning, reviews and audits of operational hospitals, and many other projects, as well as acting as an interim hospital CEO.

John has worked with MHIL for the past two years.

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